Selling Your Home? Why You Should Consider A Shower Replacement

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May 7, 2019
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If you’re selling your house, you probably think that it doesn’t make any sense to spend money on renovations before you put it on the market. After all, why invest in something someone else will enjoy? It may be worthwhile considering specific home improvements as it could increase your property’s appeal to prospective buyers – and some renovations will add more to your asking price than what they cost.

A shower replacement is one way to make your house more attractive to potential new owners. After all, it’s a part of the home that will be used almost immediately and on a daily basis. Depending on your time and resources, this could entail touching up paint and tiling or getting it done from scratch. For those with a more limited budget, less drastic upgrades such as a shower head or an internal shelving replacement is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to give your bathroom a facelift.

Still on the fence? Then consider the following benefits:

  • It’s Guaranteed To Increase Your Selling Price

Any bathroom renovation is likely to increase the selling price of your home. However, for overall gain, you need to make careful choices on the type of finishes and products you choose. Be careful not to overspend on lavish items unless you can recoup these as part of the sale. Again, if you’re unable or unwilling to spend too much on renovations, merely replacing your shower door handle and head will still boost the value of the property.

  • It’s Guaranteed to Get Your Home Sold, Faster

All homeowners aim to get their property sold as quickly as possible once they put it on the market. The urgency increases if the sale needs to go through before the sellers can financially commit to a new property. The longer your home takes to sell, the higher the estate agent fees become. A property with an attractive bathroom and shower will sell quicker than one with a lower aesthetic appeal. Moreover, as mentioned above, the condition of the bathroom is often a dealbreaker. You could find the perfect buyers, only to have them be put off by the state of the bathroom.

If you partner with the right builder, you can renovate your bathroom or just opt for a shower replacement in line with your budget and your home’s current design, in a way that will increase your asking price. Contact Proven Projects now to find out more. 

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