Take Your Bathroom Renovation To The Next Level With These 4 Scintillating Trends

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May 15, 2019

Congratulations on making it through the first quarter of 2019! With all its ups, downs and everything in between many Kiwis are starting to feel that some changes at home are due. Where better to begin than inside your home? It’s been an exciting year so far for home design professionals and enthusiasts alike. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation any time soon, we’ve compiled a few trends you should keep in mind going forward.

Switching up this part of your home isn’t all about looks. There’s a host of innovative, functional and revolutionary elements that you can add to improve your home experience. Here are our top four trendy ideas to try.

  1. The Open Plan Bathroom For Free-flowing Settings

There was once a time when the daily activities in the bathroom were something to be hidden behind closed doors. For many people this is still the norm but, if you’re more on the daring and progressive side, the open plan bathroom may be an option. This concept works best with an ensuite bathroom, bringing a feeling of freedom and sharing to the space.

  1. Big, Bold Statement Mirrors Taking Charge Of The Small Room

Most Kiwis have pretty small bathrooms in their homes. One way to bring a sense of grandeur to the room and create the illusion of space is with a statement mirror. Not only is it great for the overall aesthetic – it makes getting dressed every day much easier.

  1. A Hint Of Gold – Vintage Fixtures Are Back In A Big Way

Bring out the old brass polish – gold accents are back in the mix! If you have a thing for classic or vintage style, your bathroom renovation may be the segway you need to express this side of you within the home. Install brass taps, light fixtures, frames, toilet paper holder and other understated changes to achieve the look.

  1. Black Is The New Black

We call this trend “50 shades of black”, because which colour is more sleek and bold, yet at the same time flexible, as black? Can’t think of a better contender. Imagine this: black walls, black floors, black furniture and a pop of colour here and there. Your bathroom renovations can open the door to an other-worldly experience if you use black the right way.

Whether you’re into simple design ideas or more keen to take a big leap, these trends offer something for everybody. Go ahead and give your bathroom renovation the boost it deserves – you won’t regret it.

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