Design Principles Critical To Your Bathroom Renovation

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May 15, 2019
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August 15, 2019

Bathroom renovations often move to the top of the home improvement list when homeowners decide to sell their homes, as they create a good impression on potential buyers and raise the value of a house. Improving this busy room is also a pressing matter for first time home buyers. Affordable property does not always tick the required boxes, and often buyers have to make renovations to ensure they have a home that can fit into their lifestyles. When considering bathroom renovations in Auckland, it’s recommended that homeowners consider these critical factors for functional bathrooms.

It’s important for homeowners to plan out the renovation process considering the following tips. A good place to start is to view your existing bathroom critically. Which areas fall short of expectations and which features would you like to retain? Will you need to increase space and size? One advantage of choosing a professional contractor with experience in renovations is that you can rely on their expertise and in-depth knowledge of design principles such as spacing, lighting and ventilation. Here’s a quick look at three important design principles:

  1. Enough Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation in bathroom environments can create all sorts of problems and is unpleasant to deal with. Ventilation is necessary to prevent mould and mildew and reduce the risk of bacterial growth. Windows are the go-to solution to get rid of excess humidity and trapped moisture. In bathrooms where windows can’t be used, ventilation fans are a good alternative to ensure airflow.

  1. Adequate Lighting

Lighting is an important design element that, in addition to its practical function, can be used to create the perfect atmosphere. What function do you require lighting to serve? How much of daylight does the bathroom receive and how can you make the most of this natural light? If you’ll need to supplement it, where should the added lighting go?

  1. Storage And Shelving Solutions

Space for storage is always a challenge for small bathrooms. When available space is an issue, homeowners need to look at innovative solutions such as shower shelving, two-in-one furniture ideas and making use of ‘free space’ such as that found above the door or on a wall.

Hiring a licensed contractor for all your bathroom renovation needs will ensure you have a functional bathroom that you can enjoy to the fullest. If your bathroom needs an upgrade, give Proven Projects a call today. We offer a complete project management service in bathroom renovations in Auckland.

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